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commuknity cares... is the outreach branch of our knitting and yarn shop in San Jose, California. As such, it is part of our larger commitment to give to our community. Through commuknity cares... we provide products and services that create awareness, support and nurturance to others in the local and global community.

We are interested in fostering community involvement in a variety of charitable causes through our programs. We also support local and global charities through benefits and partnering with other charitable organizations to further the aims of worthy causes.

We do this through activities such as knitting and crocheting, knit alongs, knitlit discussion groups, book signings, benefits, direct financial donations, teaching mindfulness and healing presence through knitting and other person to person contact.

We encourage our customers and other members of the community to become involved in the spirit of giving through the many ongoing and special event activities we sponsor at the store.

We have a Donation Station where customers are encouraged to drop off yarn to be used for creating items such as caps, blankets, and scarves for those less fortunate in our community and around the world. Through volunteer activities, we offer knitters and crocheters a place to come and participate in serving others.

commuknity cares... is involved in many charitable activities but chooses to focus its outreach program on a specific cause several times a year.

Children are really important to us here at commuknity. We believe that there are many ways we can support kids at commuknity through our customers, friends, neighbors and staff.

We know that through learning a needle art like knitting or crocheting, children can gain confidence and motor skills which can be translated into help with learning difficulties.

With the support of the Helping Hands Foundation, a non-profit organization that coordinates programs to teach children various needle arts, and with the help of commuknity volunteers, we have started a Helping Hands Program at commuknity. This program will offer children an opportunity to learn a craft who might not otherwise be exposed to needle arts.

Needle Arts Mentoring Program, a project of Helping Hands Foundation, Inc., has been established to create community partnerships that promote and encourage relationships between adults and youth, fostering curiosity, creativity and a feeling of achievement through the teaching of needle arts.

This program encourages creativity and curiosity through the teaching of a lifelong skill to school age children. Only basic skills and love of children and craft are necessary. Needle arts supplies and training will be provided at no charge, though donations are always welcome. Helping Hands Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization so all donations are tax exempt.

Call Tom Johnston at (408) 293-9333 for more information or to sign up for future dates.

"Dulaan" is the Mongolian word for warm. Think of it not just being physically warm, but also the warm heart of human love, and the warm feeling that grows from knowing that you have touched a life, even on the other side of the world.

The Dulaan Project is a cooperative effort of Flagstaff International Relief Effort (FIRE), Mossy Cottage Knits, and the Kunzang Palyul Choling (KPC) Buddhist community of Sedona. The project seeks to inspire the generous spirit of the knitting community to help meet the urgent needs of Mongolia's impoverished people.

Mongolia's winter is extreme; the capital city, Ulanbaatar, is the coldest capital in the world. It rarely gets above freezing on winter days, and can plunge to -40 degrees F at night. To survive, many of the homeless live in the heating ducts below the nations cities. Warm, well-made clothing can allow a child to go to school or an adult to go to work; restore a sense of dignity; and, in some cases, literally save a life."
Text taken from The Dulaan Project's website.

Please join us at commuknity as we knit for the Dulaan project and help clothe children in need.

commuknity also partnering with Project Linus by supporting their program of making blankets for children in need. We host knit alongs and are a drop off and pick up location for Project Linus on an ongoing basis.

We have also hosted a book reading by a local author. Her book tells the tale of a child who heals from emotional wounds through learning to knit.

Come join us in support of kids by attending upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you!


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